Monna Isa - Ristorante Ginevra - Mise en place
Monna Isa - Ristorante Ginevra - Sala
Monna Isa - Ristorante Ginevra - Sala 2

Our restaurant, Monna Isa, is located in the centre of Geneva, where modernity and tradition meets, and where the Italian tradition joins the French one. Wine bar, restaurant, gastronomy: these are the identities of the Monna Isa, living in a modern and refined environment, characterised by wooden and marble surfaces, and by warm lights that will make your experience with us one of a kind.

Isabella, the creator, inspirational figure, and constant motor of this original joint; is so passionate about this project that she decides to leave her profession in Rome to begin this new adventure in this open, multiethnic, and international corner of Switzerland.

Monna Isa offers you three different paths to choose from. The first, rigorous and traditional that, thanks to an authentic and refined menu, will hold your hand and guide you through a  journey across the Italian peninsula.

The second, more modern and dynamic will allow you to savor the lesser-known delights, which will result in being more intriguing and enthralling. Along this path, the wines from our rich cellars will highlight every step, becoming the secret ingredient in this magical union.

The third will satisfy the whim to take home some excellent products of the Italian tradition selected in our boutique of the “made in Italy”.

The team in the kitchen is completely Italian; the wines are from all over the world; the products are always fresh from the market but the passion we put into making you feel at home has no boundaries!