Home made Lasagna  CHF 25. –

Spaghetti alla carbonara CHF 24. –

Rigatoni all’Amatriciana CHF 23.-

Trofie al pesto CHF 23. –

Gnocchi alla sorrentina CHF 32. –

Parmigiana di melanzane CHF 30. –


4 Formaggi – Gorgonzola cheese DOP, fiordilatte, fresh ricotta, sheep cheese CHF 24. –

Fumée – Smoked Bufala Dop mozzarella, Speck DOP, extra virgin olive oil CHF 24. –

Langhirana – Bufala mozzarella DOP, Parma Langhirano ham DOP, extra virgin olive oil CHF 26.-

Burrata – Zucchini, Burrata cheese DOP, basil, extra virgin olive oil CHF 28. –

Bologna – Fiordilatte, Bronte DOP pistachios pesto, artisanal mortadella DOP, Bronte DOP chopped pistachios CHF 30. –

A la diavola – Tomato, mozzarella, spicy salame CHF 19. –

Tartufo – Fiordilatte, season mushrooms, black truffle, virgin olive oil CHF 35. –

Napoletana – Tomato sauce, anchovies, oregano, virgin oil CHF 19. –

Margherita – Tomato sauce, fiordilatte, basil, extra virgin oil CHF 16. –

Marinara – Tomato sauce, oregano, garlic, extra virgin olive oil CHF 15. –

Monna Isa – Fiordilatte, fresh anchovies, lemon zest, cherry tomato CHF 32. –

La Giovannino – Tuna, mozzarella, onion, fiordilatte CHF 24. –


Our Caesar salad – Salad, Parmigiano Reggiano, chicken filet de Bresse, croutons, Caesar sauce  CHF 24. –

Our Niçoise salad – Salad, cherry tomatoes, tuna in olive oil, potatoes, green olives, capers, frenches, hard-boiled egg CHF 22. –

Our Smoked Salmon salad – Salad, avocado, cherry tomatoes, homemade smoked salmon, yoghurt sauce, lime CHF 25.-

Home salad – Salad, apple, sheep cheese, bread crouton, carrots and fennel CHF 15. –

Spring salad – Salad, cherry tomatoes, anchovies, mozzarella and basil CHF 18. –


Tartare steak (anchovies, capers, fresh onion, grain of mustard, yolk) CHF 32.- (Entrée) / CHF 52.- (Plat)

Salted scallops on beans sauce with crispy bacon and tomato confit CHF 25.- (Entrée) / CHF 48.- (Plat)

Our “Mozzarella in carrozza” with stewed onion, basil sauce and tomato coulis CHF 23.-

Crunchy octopus and roasted squid with celeriac sauce, red pepper, stewed fennel CHF 27.- (Entrée) / CHF 49.- (Plat)

Antipasto Monna Isa – Our selection of salami and cheese, different whims along with our chef caprice CHF 32. – / CHF 48.- (Shared)


Our homemade pumpkin ravioli with mixed mushrooms cooked in a pan, ’Castelmagno’ DOP cheese fondue CHF 35. –

Homemade Tortelli filled with octopus onion red sauce with celery sauce, Burrata pugliese DOPCHF 38. –

‘Monteveronese’ DOP Cheese Risotto with breast and leg of quail, red wine reduction CHF 36. –

Strangozzi (traditional water and flour pasta) with duckling ragout and blueberries CHF 35. –

Sicilian style Paccheri with raw and cooked swordfish, fennel sauce, dehydrated black olives, orange zesteCHF 36. –


Milanese style veal ‘Elephant Ear’ (about 300 gr veal chop) with fresh French fries CHF 58. –

Flavoured fillet of beef with pumpkin puree, salted shallot and mixed mushrooms cooked in a pan CHF 48. –

Brittany Sole filet in bread crunchy cocotte sautéed vavoy cabbage, potatoes, cherry tomatoesCHF 45. –

Tuna in bread crust with fond-de-thon creamy potato soup, crusty artichokes and ‘saor’ onion CHF 45. –

Tuna burger with salad, mustard, salted onion, cherry tomato, smoked mozzarella, gherkins CHF 39. –

Artichoke flan with crusty Topinambur, ‘Fontina’ valdostana DOP cheese fondueCHF 28. –


Cheese Selection CHF 25. –

Homemade two-lemon cake CHF 12. –

Homemade Tiramisu CHF 11. –

Chocolate mousse CHF 12. –

Apple “Strudel” CHF 12. –

Limoncello flavoured baba with Bronte pistachio (DOP) cream CHF 13. –

Café gourmand CHF 14. –

0,5 L

Beef: Svizzera
Chicken: Svizzera e Francia
Fish: Fournisseur Lucas, Genève